How do our Relax20 Sessions help people recover from injury?

How do our Relax20 Sessions help people recover from injury?

How do our Relax20 Sessions help people recover from injury?

No matter your age or level of fitness, at some point in life you are likely to suffer from an injury. From serious sport-related setbacks or a necessary operation, injuries can prove frustrating due to the amount of time you need to spend recuperating. But do not despair! We have something that can help you!

As the popularity of EMS technology increases, more and more athletes are turning to EMS training, not only as an effective and boosted workout regime but also to alleviate pain and speed up recovery time.

EMS technology uses electrical impulses to build strength in weak, atrophied or injured muscles without putting any strain on the joints or the injury site.

This makes it very effective for injury rehabilitation and recuperation. Damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments are the most common type of sporting injuries. EMS technology has been proven as an effective method to treat; ACL injuries or operations, knee cartilage injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries, rotator cuff issues, strains and back pain. Working as a nerve stimulator; sending short, low frequency electrical currents to the motor nerves throughout the body, EMS technology improves circulation, increases the body’s temperature and allows the muscle, nerves or soft tissue to return to its fully functioning form at a much faster rate.

By increasing circulation to the injured area, swelling is also rapidly decreased. This is a valuable factor as whilst swelling is useful for short term protection of the injured area, it also inhibits the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the injury site. Without blood and oxygen, healing time is hampered and takes much longer. Often a lengthy recovery time can further weaken joints and muscles, making the body more susceptible to further injury in the future.

Utilising EMS technology; pain signals to the affected are blocked therefore telling the body that swelling is unnecessary and in turn, blood and oxygen circulation increases and accelerates the healing process.

Athletes cannot afford lengthy down time from their conditioning programmes, nor can they afford extended down time from their sporting careers. With this fast-tracked method of healing, athletes are able to continue to train and keep their bodies moving and contracting without risk of further exacerbating the injury.

Relax20 sessions are a unique, effective and efficient way to manage many forms of pain, not only those related to injury. People suffering from arthritis or chronic illness, as well as pain from older injuries or age-related injuries can also benefit from these sessions, which offer necessary muscle stimulation without having to participate in further, more strenuous cardio and strength training.

Further to accelerating healing, EMS has been proven to assist with lactic acid drainage from the muscles. Lactic acid restricts blood vessels, resulting in cramping and delays in overall recovery time after a hard workout or athletic competition. Feeling stiff or suffering from pain relating to sports or activities no longer has to delay your progress or personal fitness goals.

A Relax20 session includes light stretching or simply lying still and relaxing whilst allowing the EMS technology to do its work, in just 20 minutes a week.

Prevention is better than cure, incorporate a Relax20 session into your weekly workout programme to keep your circulatory system functioning at its maximum capacity, keep your muscles safe and sound and also boost your immune system.

For more information about our Relax20 Sessions, book a free demo at your nearest Body20 Studio.