Top 10 Benefits of Body20 Training

Top 10 Benefits of Body20 Training

Top 10 Benefits of Body20 Training

Suitable for anyone irrespective of age, weight or body shape, Body20 EMS training is shaking up the fitness industry – in a good way!

What are the benefits of Body20? Here’s our Top 10 List…

1. Training is easy on the joints preventing injury

Body20 workouts strengthen your stabiliser and mobiliser muscles to support the skeletal system and joints.

2. 1 weekly session = 4 hours of conventional training

Because all muscle groups are activated at the same time every 4 seconds, your body undergoes 36 000 muscle contractions in one 20-minute session.

3. It corrects muscular imbalances

EMS training works the antagonistic and core muscle groups simultaneously, penetrating inactive muscle tissue caused by injury or a sedentary lifestyle.

5. EMS training improves posture

During EMS training every muscle group is activated simultaneously, which strengthens the body as a whole and promotes deep muscle conditioning.

6. Workouts are customized to your needs

Every Body20 training session is tailored to your fitness goals, and a personal programme will be designed around the results from your InBody assessement.

7. It helps reduce cellulite

Body20 Cardio uses a frequency that breaks down the collagen build-up that is responsible for the orange peel-like appearance on the surface of the skin.

8. It relieves back pain

By strengthening the core and mobilising muscles, Body20 has proven to help treat lower back and neck pain, and other sports-related injuries.

9. It increases muscle definition

Body20 Strength stimulates hypertrophic muscle contraction, which will create a leaner, stronger muscle appearance.

10. Get a stronger core and abs

Body20 EMS training involuntarily activates your core and abdominal muscles.

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of EMS, book a FREE DEMO and try it today.