What is Functional Training and How Does it Improve Overall Health & Wellbeing?

What is Functional Training and How Does it Improve Overall Health & Wellbeing?

What is Functional Training and How Does it Improve Overall Health & Wellbeing?

Functional fitness training is a type of strength training that readies your body for daily activities. To simplify the concept further, it’s a form of exercise performed to better strengthen your body for daily life. As opposed to strength training, which focuses on one muscle or smaller group of muscles at a time, functional training is a broader scope. For instance, instead of bicep curls, functional training will incorporate several movements to better move and pick up a heavy box or couch, and therefore minimize the risk of injury.

EMS & Functional Training

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) when combined with functional training is a results driven, effective workout tool. EMS is designed to target all 8 primary muscle groups in the body, but emphasis is placed on your personal focus areas. When used for muscle groups, EMS helps develop a working group of muscles much like functional training would in a gym, only without the risk of injury & maximising the results from the session. Body20 combines the two, creating a formidable workout without sending you home in tears hating your trainer. EMS & functional training used together have been designed to help you move better, and live happier.

7 Benefits of Functional Training

  • Functional training helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles surrounding your joints, helping you better prepare for individual muscle workout routines,
  • Functional training improves your balance and stability, giving you better coordination leading to increased confidence in movement in the real word.
  • Functional training also often involves core routines, not always focussed on when performing a ‘normal’ gym routine.
  • Your mobility & flexibility will improve greatly, as your muscles strengthen & lengthen, as your joint become more flexible too.
  • Endurance is significantly increased, with muscle groups better equipped to work for longer periods and at greater workloads.
  • Posture & body alignment are greatly improved, often leading to decreased back pain & increased comfort.
  • Your understanding of your body is improved drastically, kinaesthesia or proprioception is the sense of knowing where all your body parts are in relation to your body, which is one of the greatest benefits of functional training.

When EMS and functional training are combined, there are no downsides at all. EMS works hand in hand with functional training to essentially create an ideal, full body workout in a minimal amount of time. Functional training may even be a better option than muscle strength training alone when used for injury prevention, it makes your body more durable. EMS delivers best results when used for shorter periods, and so a full, functional training EMS workout can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes.

Body20 is an all-encompassing, holistic approach to physical, and mental well-being. The mind & body are an ecosystem, and we understand the value of taking care of it all.